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We began our goat adventure with Nigerian Dwarfs in 1999 and
reluctantly sold the ND herd in 2012.  We have four grand old ND gals
here who remain with us in our herd for their lifetime.

We have also tried our had at Nubians and Kinders but found
they weren't quite the right fit for our farm but that the businesslike
attitude of the Alpine goats matched our needs with farm and work.

We do keep an odd LaMancha or two since their
personalities compliment the serious Alpines.

For our latest announcements and pictures of kids
go to our Info page.

For animals for sale visit our Sales page or visit us on Facebook.  

2014 brought some big changes to our goat herd!  We have added a small number of Boers from Copper Penny Ranch in Idaho.  We are very impressed with the consideration and care they give to both their dairy (Whey-to-Go) and meat animals as well as herd health and maintence.  

We once again were able to participate in Linear Appraisal in 2014 after taking 2013 off since it was not offered in our area. You can see the LA scores for individaul aniamls on our doe and buck pages. We feel that Linear Appraisal is a wonderful tool to see our herd's strengths and weaknesses and we feel that the best way to see the overall picture of our herd is to post all our scores, the good and not as good.  We also feel that seeing the overall picture of our herd and animals will help visitors to our web site get a better feel for how our  lines mature also. 

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Updated 9/12/2014

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