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Bilrite MX Ylang Ylang
DOB: 3/1/2008 ~ Lavendar chamoisee ~ 75% American Alpine

An eye-catching doe even as a kid, Ylang Ylang is maturing into a truly beautiful dairy animal with a fantastic mammary, wonderful personality and even beautiful coloring. An amazing doe of out Camille's line, Ylang Ylang is et another Maxim daughter who is proving what a
difference he has made in our herd.  

S: Dawnwind Therapeutic Maxim Olentangy Gene Therapy *B Hoach's Goldengenes ++*B
GCH Olentangy WRW Amethyst 3*M
GCH Dawnwind Shocking Magdalena 2*M Dawnwind Mechanical Shock *B
Waiilatpu HR Majesta 1*M
D: Bilrite MS Velocity 2*M
Granted-Wishes WG Morning Sun *B +*B Waiilatpu HG Giovanni 
Waiilatpu WHH Morning Star 12*M
Blissberry Hill Camille's Song 1*M (NOA alpine)

Linear Appraisal
   6-05 VG88 (VEEV)

   4-06 EX90 (VEEE)
   2-04  EX90 (VEEE)

    2009 - N/A (tattoo error)


Kidding History 
2009 Jeo Single buck
2010JeoTwin does
2012AresSingle doe
2013ZymurgyTwin bucks
2014CavendishTwin does

Updated 9/12/2014

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